Friday, March 3, 2017

Fasting from Fear: By Beth Bender

In today's passage, we encounter Abram who tells God he is afraid. God has told Abram before of his promise and the work that he is doing in Abram’s life. In this passage, God once again reminds Abram of his previous promise. He lays out the plan again to reassure Abram. Abram falls asleep. But God continues to establish his covenant with Abram and to tell of the promise he has for Abram and his descendants. 

I am currently a junior at Baylor University. As I approach the end of my junior year, I recognize that my future holds some uncertainties. This at times can cause me to be afraid. I am unsure of where I will be two years from now. Fears such as what my job will be, where I will be living, and other such “adulting” issues frighten me. However, this passage reminds me that I can rest in the assurance that God is with me during my times of fear and guides me as I seek him. 

The questions I encounter right now are similar to the ones I had as a junior in high school. I anticipate in some form or another I will encounter the same types of questions as I move through each stage of my life. Just like Abram, I can rest in the assurance that God is at work in my life whether I'm awake or asleep because he has promised that he has a plan for my life and will bring it about in his time and in his way. 

In what ways do I fear the future? How can I remind myself that God is with me in my fear and provides for me through it? 

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the examples in Scripture of imperfect individuals who assure me that my fear is not something that you cannot handle. Help me to trust in you in my awake moments and in my sleep, knowing that you have the ability to work in all aspects of my life. 

Beth is a junior at Baylor University studying Medical Humanities and Child and Family Studies.  She hopes to become a certified Child Life Specialist after graduation. She enjoys reading, watching movies, sleeping, and spending time with friends.